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Getting Form Design Ideas

Many electronic forms are designed to replace existing paper forms. PDF eforms are also often developed to replace Word or HTML forms with a more user friendly and secure electronic file format.

In either case the first rule of the new forms' design is that they should try to match the layout of the existing forms as closely as possible to minimise user confusion and ensure a good user experience when using the new form for the first time. If the users see the new form as simply an improvement to the old form, rather than a completely new form, then they are likely to feel happy filling it in, and are more likely to complete it correctly.

This does not mean that you should not include in the new electronic form the unique functionality that PDF eforms offer such as input data validation, dynamically expanding fields, automated data integration and data capture. The are the cost time and saving benefits you can achieve, without having to change the way that your users perceive the form and they fill it in.

PDF forms can also include 'assistive' technologies such as hover-help, drop-down calendars, automated calculations, pick-lists, skip and fill tabbing logic, show / hide fields and sections all of which make completing the form simpler and less time consuming for your users.

Finally think of your less able users and include 'eAccessibility' features which help the visually impaired to see clearly, or hear form a text to speech 'reader' what the form is asking them to enter, and helps them navigate the form easily and quickly.

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