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Industrial Applications of PDF

In publishing and printing industries, there is a need for extremely high resolution portable document format or PDF files are to prepare for printing and pre-press. Publishing industries use these types of formats in order to transport documents ready to be printed. This type of standard is considered a de-facto for that purpose. These files are in fact being widely used online until today.

This is a very flexible format since it can allow the transfer of electronic information between various types of computers like a Mac and a PC. It can also be preferable over the HTML format because it would appear the same in any kind of computing platform, whether in print or in a view form. High-quality PDF files commonly used by the printing industry offers a favourable way to convert graphic and text documents into a printed document, including magazines and newspapers. Moreover, such files are being highly embraced in the industry because these can support high resolution output at small file sizes. Also, it does not require bundling in which the sender will not be needed to submit fonts and pictures. The extraordinary feature of Adobe will embed these requirements into the PDF file itself.

A lot of industries are also beginning to embrace this concept due to the significance of its features to their operations. Whether used for manuals or for printing highly required forms, such files have proven to be useful in many aspects. Even the financial industry has appreciated this development because it can actually provide an automated as well as protected content.

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