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xDox provides eForms, data acquisition, process automation, document generation and eDocument and eMail security systems for many leading organizations across a wide range of commercial, and non-commercial, sectors:


Loyds Register Logo Image

Lloyds Register contracted xDox to design and implement a new 'Green Passport' eForm which is used by LR, and its clients, to document an inventory of the hazardous material on ships around the globe to aid compliance with the requirements of IMO Resolutions.

The requirements for the Green Passport eForm were unusual in two ways. The forms need to be transmitted from ships at sea where the available bandwidth can be only 256Kbs. Copies of the forms are also retained on board the ships, and updated periodically, for the entire life of the vessel - which can be 30+ years.

To meet the first requirement xDox used a dynamic XML driven PDF template that, although up to 30 pages long, only creates a PDF file of less than 100Kb so it can be easily and quickly transmitted back to Lloyds over low bandwidth marine satellite communications systems.

To meet the second requirement the eForm was designed with a built in 'update mechanism' which will allow Lloyds to change, or add to, the lists of hazards in the form template, when required by new IMO resolutions, without losing all the information already entered into each eForm during its lifecycle.

The eForm is Adobe Reader Extensions® enabled to allow both Lloyds and their clients to complete and submit the form using only the Free Adobe Reader application installed on over 97% of all personal computers.


Sweet & Maxwell Thompson Reuters Logo Image

Sweet & Maxwell, part of Thompson Reuters, commissioned xDox to convert three paper building contracts forms into intelligent interactive PDF eForms.

As these forms will be sold to the general public, via a web based download, it was essential that they are simple and intuitive to use; but at the same time protect the clients intellectual property in the forms content and enforces the licensing terms under which they are sold to the end users.

To achieve these objectives xDox developed the PDF eForms using a combination of legacy AcroForm design techniques; over which was added three IP protection layers to prevent blank form printing; and the copying or changing of the form's content.

All the eForms are Adobe Reader Extensions® enabled to allow Sweet & Maxwell's customers to complete, save and print the forms using only the Free Adobe Reader application.


PAS Logo ImagePublic Appointments Service, Dublin, Ireland uses Adobe LiveCycle Forms Server and Reader Extensions for recruitment of all government personnel.

The Public Appointments Service (PAS) is the centralised provider of recruitment, assessment and selection services for the Civil Service in Ireland. They also provide recruitment and consultancy services to local authorities, health boards, the Garda Siochana and other public bodies.

xDox have been working with PAS to develop a PDF eForm design tool to create dynamically rendered HTML Job Application forms that will allow internal staff to design flexible dynamic job application forms, that can be easily and quickly posted onto the web in both English and Irish languages. The forms are then rendered on-demand by Adobe LiveCycle Forms Server.

In addition, five dual language 'applicant details' dynamic PDF forms are then rendered, from PAS staff designs, which are used by the applicants, through the PAS web portal, to apply for positions advertised.

All the forms have been implemented by xDox to conform to the relevant EU eAccessibility and eInclusion legislation.

All the PDF eForms are Adobe Reader Extensions® enabled to allow both PAS internal staff to design the forms, and job applicants to complete and submit the forms, using only the Free Adobe Reader application.


 Quest Partnership Ltd Logo Quest Partnership Ltd, business psychologist, approached xDox with a problem. They had designed a 360 review PDF form using Adobe LiveCycle Designer. But then discovered their large client was using Adobe Reader V6.0.0, which does not support the Designer form file type, across large sections of their organisation.

xDox were able to quickly convert their form to the AcroForm file format, which is compatible with Reader V6, while retaining the exact layout, content, graphics, field validations and eMail data submission of the form Quest had designed themselves.

From our long experience of designing PDF eForms, and by maintaining a large array of historic Reader version test machines, we are able to provide development and testing facilities for the wide range of legacy Adobe Reader versions still in use by many large companies and government offices.


Irwin Mitchell LogoIrwin Mitchell, a leading national family law firm, approached xDox with a requirement to automatically convert all attachments to outgoing eMails from their nationwide offices to secure PDF files.

xDox worked with IM to define their requirements and developed an Exchange Server based solution which detects any non-PDF attachments and asks the user, before the eMail is sent, if they would like them converted to secure PDF files.

The users are are also given the opportunity to add password protection, and prevent content copying or printing, to the converted PDF files.

In addition to the benefits of eMail compliance enforcement, and cost effective central PDF conversion, the solution PDFAttach also records all eMails sent with attachments for compliance audit.


Bedfordshire Police LogoBedfordshire Police purchased the Adobe Livecycle ES® application suite and a force-wide Reader Extensions® license from xDox.

We are currently working with the force to develop a suite of eForms and an eProcess to to speed and improve the force's sickness reporting and sickness case management.

The system is integrated with the force's user directory to pre-populate the forms with the users and their managers details; user input is validated both within the form and against the force's HR systems; and then the forms are routed to the appropriate line managers and the force's welfare and HR departments.

The system automatically generates eMails to both line managers and operational personnel to notify them in real-time of absences, and has the facility to also send SMS messages to mobile phones if the recipients are out of the office or station when the absence is reported.

The solution will initially be piloted in three of the forces districts and, if successful, rolled out force-wide.


Avon & Somerset Police Shield ImageAvon & Somerset Police contracted xDox to convert 10 of the forces most used paper forms into intelligent dynamic PDF eForms to reduce processing costs and improve the speed of approvals and data extraction.

xDox developed both the eForms, and their supporting processes, using the Adobe Livecycle ES® application suite and a force-wide Reader Extensions® license.

Each of the eForms is fully integrated into the force's user directory to pre-populate the forms with the users details; user input is validated both within the form and against the force's data systems; and then the forms are routed for approval to the appropriate line managers and the force's finance and HR departments.

In addition to introducing eForms onto the forces desktops, a project was begun to incorporate the eForms solutions onto mobile devices using HTML, eMail and SMS messaging.


Amber Credit Logo Image

Amber Credit, part of the Skipton Building Society, use xDox expertise and software to scan and automatically capture validated accurate data from over 2,000 paper credit application forms per day.

In 2007 the paper form scanning system was completely upgraded to integrate with a new XML and Web Services based financial records, accounting and document management system.


Norwich & Peterborough LogoNorwich and Peterborough Building Society

Wanted to use an on-line mortgage application form as a means of facilitating off-line applications. They wanted to be able to enable financial intermediaries to enter data on the form by means of fields, checkboxes, etc; save the data to their local drive and finally to be able to submit the completed application form back to them.

xDox supplied Adobe Forms Designer, and 500 Reader Extensions® licenses, to enable N&P to meet these requirements cost effectively; and their intermediaries to complete, save and submit the forms using the Free Adobe Reader thereby avoiding them having to purchase, or install, any specialised eForm 'filler' software.


Central Trust LogoCentral Trust PLC, one of the UK’s largest independent finance companies are implementing their on-line finance applications using Adobe Document Server to generate personalised application forms and information packs ‘on demand’.


MacGreggor Energy LogoMacGregor Energy Services, an integrated technical services contractor supporting the global energy and power industries, uses Adobe Designer and Reader Extensions® to speed and automate the completion and submission of purchase orders from their worldwide operations.


SSP Logo

SectorNet, now part of SSP, is a leading supplier of policy writing and administration systems to the insurance sector, selected xDox to supply Adobe Output Manger to manage the high volumes of print output from their own policy systems.

Ace*Com Logo Ace*Comm Corporation is a global provider of advanced operations support systems (OSS) solutions for service providers and enterprises who selected xDox to supply and implement an Adobe Central Pro high volume billing hardcopy print solution with over 1.5 million page per day capacity to multiple location print delivery locations.


Nvesta LogoEurolife process hundreds of different styles of financial services transactions by way of post, fax, email and internet and required a single application that could allow for storage and retrieval of such documents in an auditable fashion.



Adobe Logo LiveCycle

PDF, Flash® and Workflow technologies combine to engage customers, constituents, partners, and employees in efficient automated eForms and eDocument processes.

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“It was a pleasure working with the team at xDox. Not only did they meet our requirements in full, but communication was refreshingly clear and concise and the solution was provided on time and within budget. The end product has been extremely well received by colleagues and clients alike; I’d have no hesitation in working with xDox again.”
Jim Heath, Green Passport Product Manager, Marine Consultancy Services, Lloyd's Register EMEA

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