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Why PDF eForms:

PDF is an Open Standard, not a proprietary file format. PDF's strict enforcement of security is trusted by firewalls and corporate systems worldwide ensuring your forms will be accessible. Above all your customers or users can fill, verify, submit and save their forms using the Free Adobe Reader which is installed on over 97% of all computers worldwide.

What are Dynamic PDF XML Forms:

Dynamic XML forms are based on the open W3C XForms standard. This makes them highly portable across both operating systems and applications. xDox use the Adobe LiveCycle ES forms designer to create and publish these forms as PDF files which makes them compatible with the Free Adobe Reader version 7 and later.

Using our xFormServer© solution you can receive and process dynamic PDF XML forms from the free Adobe Reader - without needing Adobe Reader Extensions licenses.

What Can Dynamic PDF XML Forms Do:

  • Everything that traditional PDF AcroForms can do - PLUS
  • Dynamically expand or contract the size of input fields to accommodate the amount of text entered.
  • Create extra fields or sections to allow users to enter as many responses required..
  • Show or hide content in response to the information entered or the state of the form in a process.
  • Create additional page or form sections from data either merged or entered into the form.
  • Integrate directly into XML based processes.
  • Be rendered on-demand in either PDF or HTML format to suit the capabilities of the users client application.
  • Be rendered as Flash for use on PDA's and mobile devices.


  • Reduce form cycle time and increase data quality
  • Produce intelligent XML-based PDF files that automatically initiate or more effectively support business processes
  • Design more intelligent forms with embedded business logic that facilitate business process automation
  • Maintain the appearance and integrity of PDF files using digital signatures, automatic archiving, and more
  • Output tagged Adobe PDF files that automatically reflow for different display devices, and that ensure accessibility for users with visual and other impairments
  • eForms can be archived for record retention (regulated industries), fraud prevention, and audit trails

Download a Dynamic PDF form to request more information about Dynamic eForms

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PDF, Flash® and Workflow technologies combine to engage customers, constituents, partners, and employees in efficient automated eForms and eDocument processes.

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“It was a pleasure working with the team at xDox. Not only did they meet our requirements in full, but communication was refreshingly clear and concise and the solution was provided on time and within budget. The end product has been extremely well received by colleagues and clients alike; I’d have no hesitation in working with xDox again.”
Jim Heath, Green Passport Product Manager, Marine Consultancy Services, Lloyd's Register EMEA

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