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Is a cost effective PDF form server to render and capture data from PDF forms that does not need your forms to be Adobe Reader Extensions enabled to complete, submit and save them using the free Adobe Reader program.

xFormServer is compatible with the new LiveCycle® Designer Dynamic PDF forms, as well as the traditional PDF AcroForms. You can design your own forms using the Adobe LiveCycle form designer, or design them as AcroForms using Adobe Acrobat® or many 3rd party pdf form design tools. When your users submit the forms to the xFormServer server they will instantly get back an Adobe Reader® compatible secure, encrypted, read only copy of their completed forms.

xDox offers secure fully, and semi, hosted xFormServer SaaS facilities; or you can purchase the xFormServer application and run it in your own environment.MORE...


Adobe LiveCycle

PDF and Adobe® Flash® technologies come together to more effectively engage customers, constituents, partners, and employees in key business processes.

Adobe LiveCycle® ES (Enterprise Suite) software is an integrated server solution that blends eForms, data capture, information assurance, document output, process management, and content services to help you create and deliver rich and engaging applications that reduce paperwork, accelerate decision-making, and help ensure regulatory compliance.MORE...


Adobe Reader Extensions

The Free Adobe Reader is exactly what is says, a 'reader'. If you open an eForm in the Reader it will tell you that 'You cannot save any data your enter into this form...." and if you try to save it you only save the original, blank, copy of the form.

Adobe LiveCycle® Reader Extensions software embeds a license key in a PDF file or eForm which activates hidden functionality within Adobe Reader (version 7 and above) enabling end users to fill in, annotate, sign, save,and submit PDF documents and forms - online or offline.MORE...



Sending unsecured attachments such as word documents, power points and excel spreadsheets to external recipients risks information being edited, copied or altered by the recipients; creates unnecessarily large file sizes; exposes confidential metadata and file revision data and is a major cause in the spread of viruses and undesirable scripting code.

The PDFAttach Plug-in seamlessly integrates into MS Outlook®, filters all email with attachments sent to external recipients and prompts, or forces, the sender to convert them to a secure PDF file format before they are dispatched through your Exchange® SMTP bridgehead server.

When an unsecured attachment is detected the user is offered a simple selection of PDF conversion options to both convert the attachments to PDF format and to add additional security such as encryption; prevention of copying or altering the PDF content; and / or require a password to open them PDFAttach offers a scalable solution to securing outgoing external email attachments.MORE...


CharacTell FormStorm

CharacTell FormStorm Enterprise is the most cost effective and easy to use application for virtually all paper form and invoice processing needs.

FormStorm gives you all you need: scanning, classification, processing, data validation and export, and tools to create your own applications. Everything is provided in an intuitive user interface with documentation and tutorials. MORE...




Adobe Logo LiveCycle

PDF, Flash® and Workflow technologies combine to engage customers, constituents, partners, and employees in efficient automated eForms and eDocument processes.

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“It was a pleasure working with the team at xDox. Not only did they meet our requirements in full, but communication was refreshingly clear and concise and the solution was provided on time and within budget. The end product has been extremely well received by colleagues and clients alike; I’d have no hesitation in working with xDox again.”
Jim Heath, Green Passport Product Manager, Marine Consultancy Services, Lloyd's Register EMEA

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